092012How to Improve Your Site's Search Ranking Using SEO

As any website owner knows, search-engine optimization-SEO-is a rapidly moving target. What worked well last week might work against you today. Hordes of website operators learned this the hard way earlier this year, when two key updates to Google's algorithms took effect. Known by the cute code names of "Panda" and "Penguin," these updates were designed to severely penalize websites with thin, weak, or duplicated content. The goal: To rid Google's search results of content farms and spam blogs by using quality metrics, instead of merely relying on the old PageRank system to measure a site's importance.

082012Enterprise SEO Link Building - Shifting Focus From Links to Relationships

The importance of enterprise link building is nothing new. The core principles of trust, relevance, authority, and commitment that revolve around link building are the same essence as traditional marketing. It's more about the relationship than the link.

072012How to Measure What Matters Most for SEO

What matters in SEO most when measuring the performance of an SEO program is the bottom line: conversions. All other data including rankings, quality and quantity of backlinks, bounce rates merely serve as tools to diagnose issues and opportunities in driving organic search conversions.

062012Google adds search traffic alerts to its SEO service

Google has added a feature to its Webmaster Tools search engine optimization (SEO) service that will alert publishers about sudden changes in their site's Google results and click-throughs.

052012The State of SEO in 2012: Google+, Authorship and Unique Content

It's been a year of tectonic shocks and ripples affecting SEO so when SEOmoz CEO Rand Fishkin and HubSpot CTO Dharmesh Shah took to the virtual stage earlier this week to announce the results of the 2012 SEO Industry Study, many marketers must have been holding their breath.

042012New Web Design Options For All Businesses

Web design options in the world of business vary with the company and the industry that that company operates in. Not only can you the business owner get a great of traffic from a great web design, but you can also drive traffic with SEO content that is designed specifically for your business.